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To date, apart from the Christian bookshops there have been reviews of The Six Ways of Atheism in:

The Freethinker (October 2009 issue)
The Keswick Reminder

The following reviews are available on the internet:

Open Parachute Blog by Dr Ken Perrott

Humanism Ireland (September - October 2009)

Sussex Newspapers Group Review of The Six Ways of Atheism

The most intelligent of the above reviews is that by Dr Ken Perrott on Open Parachute. However, of the main reviewers, Phil Groom (Christian Bookshops) probably has the most detailed knowledge of the subject – even though this site disagrees with his fideistic beliefs.

Visit the website for a very short review the one by Flairy Good entitled ‘Logically Logical Logic’ - is so accurate Geoffrey Berg could have written it himself (he didn’t).

There are numerous other comments on the blogospheres, only a few of which are any good (and those are mostly by the minority of bloggers who have actually read the book!)

'Prominent Christian Book Review Editor Admits New Arguments Disproving God’s Existence Are Logically Correct.

In reviewing Geoffrey Berg’s new book ‘The Six Ways Of Atheism’ that presents some novel logical disproofs of God’s existence, the Reviews Editor of the Christian Bookshops’ blog in the United Kingdom, Phil Groom (who is also Manager of the London School of Theology Books & Resources) has written about The Six Ways Of Atheism:

“It should challenge the way you think – about God, about life, purpose and existence, and that I think makes it worth the read…

He presents a fascinating…series of six arguments against God with which I personally cannot but agree…

the question remains: does the cumulative force of Berg’s arguments genuinely represent the decisive proof against God’s existence that he claims?

The answer is, in my view at least, yes; and I also think it matters not one whit. Quite simply because Berg, like Dawkins before him and in common with so many aggressive atheists, has fallen into the trap of regarding God as an entity within the universe. As he rightly insists, such an entity cannot and does not exist, has never existed beyond the human imagination.”

For the full book review see

Geoffrey Berg comments:
“Of course I welcome Phil Groom’s acceptance that my new disproofs of God’s existence are logically correct. Properly considered in logical terms I think everybody else should reach the same conclusion.

However I cannot agree that if God’s existence beyond human imagination is not logically possible within the universe, it is possible in any other sense. Surely the same questions about God which lead to the conclusion God cannot exist in the universe, such as any such thing’s inability to be certain about its relationship to its environment (to be certain of its permanence, the extent of its powers and scope) are also decisive reasons why God cannot exist in any sense. Furthermore if our universe is in substantial parts bad and seriously unfair, those are defects that cannot be ignored nor justified. Our experience is necessarily a part of any scheme of existence, a scheme of existence within which according to all concepts of religion God has intervened.”

Geoffrey Berg is generally pleased with other reaction to his book.

Having sent copies to all public libraries in all the major English speaking countries, Geoffrey Berg is pleased by the response of most libraries that have contacted him so far, of which The West Lothian Library Services Manager’s letter is typical – “I am writing to thank you for your donation of your book, ‘The Six Ways’. We will take it into our library stock and I am sure that it will be well read by our customers.”

Geoffrey Berg was also happy to accept the invitation to be interviewed about his book live on 14 June by Radio Ulster (Northern Ireland) on their ‘Sunday Sequence’ programme.

A Message To Bloggers from Geoffrey Berg

I am pleased The Six Ways Of Atheism is now being quite widely discussed on the blogosphere. However, I would prefer a somewhat more informed and thoughtful discussion than is sometimes occurring and I would make a few points on this.

The Summary on my website puts the arguments but does not prove the premises – the book (which is much longer) proves the premises.

My book is original in many ways but in essence my description of what God’s essential qualities would have to be, far from being original and idiosyncratic to me is absolutely the classical conception of God. It is very close to the concepts of God put forward by the leading theistic philosophers such as Descartes, Locke and Leibniz.

For instance – contrary to what some of the bloggers think – it is supposed by these philosophers and me that God would have to be “supremely good”. There are compelling reasons for that. It would be demeaning to voluntarily worship or even ‘follow’ an entity that is merely extremely powerful but not also supremely good. It is also absurd to suppose that God is worthy of religious worship if other entities – such as perhaps Mahatma Gandhi or even George Washington – were morally or ethically better than him. No religion thanks God for creating us but worships say Mahatma Gandhi for being morally the best entity (until somebody morally even better comes along!).

Perhaps more bloggers should read my book – or at least consider (as I have done) the consequences of their God not having the various essential qualities I have listed. I am happy for people to blog but I would urge that people actually think carefully before they blog!

Geoffrey Berg

A Review Worth Reading

In February 2010 Nicholas Covington posted a review of ‘The Six Ways of Atheism’ on his blog Answers In Genesis BUSTED - reference the link below:


While Geoffrey Berg does not agree with all of it (particularly Nicholas Covington’s notion that it is can be valid to suppose that God may have ‘some self-evident a priori proof’ of his own existence unknown to us: in Geoffrey Berg’s view that is as senseless as saying one could posit the a priori possibility of the existence of other logically impossible things such as’ a square circle)’, Nicholas Covington certainly does understand the arguments.

In some cases such as The Aggregate of Qualities Argument, Nicholas Covington explains them particularly well. Geoffrey Berg likes the analogy of the chances on one day of just one person winning the lottery and that same person being the just one person to be struck by lightning on that same day to explain the sheer unlikelihood of an entity being both morally the best of all entities and also being the one (if any) entity that created the universe.

Another virtue of this review is that it encourages people to actually think seriously for themselves about the arguments.

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